How to Quarantine in Singapore

Upon our arrival in Singapore we will be required to quarantine for two weeks in a specially designated hotel. I may be reading the information incorrectly but it appears that we will be split-up with one parent and one child per room. Thus, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to rehome the children.

We have two girls, ages 10 and 8 respectively, and they have already made the choice for us as to how we will split up. This comes as a relief because I was ready to fight Marcus for the 10-year old so it spares us from that. Our youngest, bless her, is a handful at times. She is 8-years old and still has tantrums more in-line with a toddler and believe me when I say it is something we have been addressing for a very long time. With that kind of energy and fight I have high hopes she’ll be a human rights lawyer.

The youngest and I are like water and oil and she knows it. I know it. The whole family knows it. That’s why I was impressed when both of the girls weighed their options and decided that the youngest should go with her dad and the oldest should go with me because, and I quote, “Daddy is better at helping me be calm.” I can’t argue with that logic. I was fairly certain there would be a fight over who got to stay with daddy so it makes me feel good that the oldest agreed willingly. She’s also my more empathetic and caring of the two so deep down she may have been crying but outwardly she was smiling.

So, that’s all I have for now. Has anyone reading this been through the mandatory quarantine with children? How did you prepare? Did you pack an extra piece of luggage just for toys and games? How much Xanax and wine did it take to remain a functioning adult but in a fun, disconnected way?

Quarantining with children got me like…
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2 thoughts on “How to Quarantine in Singapore

  1. Our neighbors actually bailed for Taiwan last April and the dad will be back this weekend. Let me know if you want to get connected to ask questions. They sent back to Taipei to be with their parents and since he worked for nike it didn’t even matter


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