Traveling to Thailand, Part I

The girls had Spring Break mid-March so we made the decision to travel to Thailand. I made all of the arrangements, which takes effort during these pandemic times. Requirements are constantly changing (all over the world) so please, if you’re hoping to visit Thailand, check for the latest information. At the time we wereContinue reading “Traveling to Thailand, Part I”

How To Be Betrayed During an International Move

It’s getting real. The movers have been here since 8:30 this morning, loading our goods for storage. Tomorrow, a second set of movers arrive and they will pack our remaining goods and load them for the long trip to Singapore. The next time we see them will be in February, at best. I’m not hopefulContinue reading “How To Be Betrayed During an International Move”

This One Has Very Little Information About Singapore

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I found my first, true grey hair last night. Of course, many of you are probably surprised that I hadn’t found one sooner given that I am married to Marcus as he is known for making crazy life choices that ultimately lead to stress-filled months. Also,Continue reading “This One Has Very Little Information About Singapore”

How to Enter Singapore During the Pandemic…Maybe

This is an attempt at a comprehensive list on how to enter Singapore during the Covid pandemic as I understand it and to be clear, I am not clear. Singapore has been working towards a goal of living with Covid which I greatly admire. I’m beginning to long for the days when Covid and itsContinue reading “How to Enter Singapore During the Pandemic…Maybe”

It’s A Date

I can’t quite put into words how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. But before I attempt to do so, quick update: After months of waiting we finally received the official orders for our move to Singapore. Once we received them we were able to procure diplomatic passports which then allowed us to haveContinue reading “It’s A Date”

How to Destroy Your Children by Getting Rid of all the Pets

As time has gone on since our initial offer to go to Singapore, and no official paperwork has been issued, I have questioned whether we are really going or not. I’m beginning to suspect this has been an elaborate ruse on Marcus’s part to get rid of all of our pets. He’ll be the firstContinue reading “How to Destroy Your Children by Getting Rid of all the Pets”

Bring Your Pets to Singapore, Hassle Free!

That’s a lie, it’s all a hassle but first things first. First, you must determine if you’re even going to bring your pets. We currently have one young dog and an old cat. We quickly decided not bring the cat because she’s 12 years old and already a cranky mess; I cannot imagine what aContinue reading “Bring Your Pets to Singapore, Hassle Free!”

Learn How We Accomplished Our Goal In Just 10 Years

“How did you find yourself moving to Singapore?” one might ask. The answer is simple, really. It started with a dream. A dream to move to London. For so many years my husband and I had a vision of living overseas. Later, after the birth of our children, we felt strongly that it was importantContinue reading “Learn How We Accomplished Our Goal In Just 10 Years”

How to Quarantine in Singapore

Upon our arrival in Singapore we will be required to quarantine for two weeks in a specially designated hotel. I may be reading the information incorrectly but it appears that we will be split-up with one parent and one child per room. Thus, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to rehomeContinue reading “How to Quarantine in Singapore”