It’s A Date

I can’t quite put into words how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. But before I attempt to do so, quick update: After months of waiting we finally received the official orders for our move to Singapore. Once we received them we were able to procure diplomatic passports which then allowed us to have our flights booked and which is how we now find ourselves flying out on 31 December. As I expected it was one long waiting game only to escalate quickly at the end.

One good thing to come out of waiting so long for orders is that the mandatory two week quarantine has changed. Instead, Singapore opened Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) from certain countries which allows vaccinated peoples entry into the country without having to quarantine. The catch is, especially now with the new omicron variant taking over the world, we have to take a Covid test pretty much every day for a week but, if that means I’m not stuck in isolation with my children for two weeks then I’ll happily take it. With that said, if you do not take one of the VTLs then I think you do still need to quarantine for two weeks.

So, back to how I’m feeling. For about one week I spent most of my time curled-up on the couch binge watching Netflix shows with my heart beating out of my chest. The very thought of attempting the most mundane of tasks, i.e. taking a shower, was far too overwhelming and at most I was able to feed my children while refraining from killing them. Also, considering we’re in the throes of Christmas, I’m grateful for having the foresight to get a lot of shopping done early. I can’t say the feeling of absolute anxiety/depression/excitement/overwhelmedness (it’s a word now) has dissipated and really it’s only growing stronger by the day. In other words, send Xanax.

This particular move will require us to split-up our home goods into “non-temporary” storage, which is a funny way of saying “long-term” storage, and goods traveling with us to Singapore. In my neurotic, OCD mind, that means I need to gather all of the things going into long-term storage in the basement with Marcus reminding me that the movers are paid to do a job. In my defense, our last movers packed a bucket of ashes with gift bags and wrapping paper so he’ll have to excuse me for trying to be overly organized.

The packers and movers will be here 27 through 29 December. I joke that as the girls are unwrapping gifts on Christmas day I’ll slowly be moving ornaments off the tree with a goal of having the tree chucked out the door by noon. But seriously, I plan on having the tree chucked out the door by noon.

One last thought before I sign-off. We don’t have housing and won’t for the first 45-60 days. I really need to take-up meditation.

Published by Lauren Tepaske

I am a full-time mom and wife with a penchant for writing a humorous point-of-view of daily life.

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