Learn How We Accomplished Our Goal In Just 10 Years

“How did you find yourself moving to Singapore?” one might ask. The answer is simple, really. It started with a dream. A dream to move to London. For so many years my husband and I had a vision of living overseas. Later, after the birth of our children, we felt strongly that it was important for them to experience the world and other cultures. So, nearly 9 years ago we made the decision to apply for a job that might eventually get us to our dream. Marcus applied for jobs in Okinawa and Hawaii and we soon found ourselves living the very opposite of an expat lifestyle in beautiful, idyllic, and quaint Jacksonville, NC. I’ll pause here for those of you who have actually been to Jacksonville, NC to stop laughing.

From there, we applied for a job in London but found ourselves in Williamsburg, VA. It was actually quite nice as we were close to family. Also, by then, our girls were old enough to form memories of our life there and can probably give you very detailed instructions on how to navigate Busch Gardens. Personally, I absolutely loved it there. Everything was conveniently located, it was family friendly, and the history was amazing. Sadly, our time came to an end too quickly and after living in Williamsburg, VA for three years we applied for a job in London and came back to Fredericksburg, VA. In Fredericksburg, we took-on what was our craziest project to date which was the complete restoration of a 130-year old Victorian home. If you’re interested in reading about the house and it’s history check out my other blog Bringing Back Sligo.

We have barely been in the house for a year (it took a year and half for it to be restored) and we are preparing to move, once again. I distinctly remember after our last move saying, quite loudly, “I am never moving again.” Apparently I didn’t say it loudly enough because here I am. Moving. Again. Only this time really, really far away.

Published by Lauren Tepaske

I am a full-time mom and wife with a penchant for writing a humorous point-of-view of daily life.

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