What Should I Not Forget to Do Before Leaving for Singapore?

We have had to overcome our first hiccup. Turns out all four of us were supposed to have medical clearance before entering the country to include a tuberculosis (TB) test and bloodwork. I suspect that everyone was so focused on the Covid aspect of entering the country that the medical clearance was simply overlooked. InContinue reading “What Should I Not Forget to Do Before Leaving for Singapore?”

It’s A Date

I can’t quite put into words how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. But before I attempt to do so, quick update: After months of waiting we finally received the official orders for our move to Singapore. Once we received them we were able to procure diplomatic passports which then allowed us to haveContinue reading “It’s A Date”

Top 10 Things To Do Before Moving to Singapore

Just kidding. This isn’t so much of a “Top 10” as it is a representation of the range of emotions you may experience while processing the idea of moving to the other side of the world. Freak the fuck out. Not really, but freak out enough that for the first two days of learning aboutContinue reading “Top 10 Things To Do Before Moving to Singapore”