Owning a Pet in Singapore

Have I mentioned that Singapore is a country full of rules and regulations? And have I also mentioned that making heads or tails (no pun intended for this particular animal post) can be exasperating? In case I haven’t, the answer to both questions is, “it is.” Owning a pet in Singapore is full of rulesContinue reading “Owning a Pet in Singapore”

Sheer Brilliance

Marcus called me the other day (he’s away on travel) and said, “I was thinking, what if, when we travel, we do things that involve animals? I think that would get the kids more excited about going places.” “That’s such a great idea! I never thought of that,” I replied. For your viewing pleasure, allContinue reading “Sheer Brilliance”

How to Destroy Your Children by Getting Rid of all the Pets

As time has gone on since our initial offer to go to Singapore, and no official paperwork has been issued, I have questioned whether we are really going or not. I’m beginning to suspect this has been an elaborate ruse on Marcus’s part to get rid of all of our pets. He’ll be the firstContinue reading “How to Destroy Your Children by Getting Rid of all the Pets”

Bring Your Pets to Singapore, Hassle Free!

That’s a lie, it’s all a hassle but first things first. First, you must determine if you’re even going to bring your pets. We currently have one young dog and an old cat. We quickly decided not bring the cat because she’s 12 years old and already a cranky mess; I cannot imagine what aContinue reading “Bring Your Pets to Singapore, Hassle Free!”