A Guide to Moving and Traveling in Southeast Asia

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The First Two Weeks

We originally had hoped for a detail assignment in London, Singapore being third on our list (Prague was second in case you’re wondering). But, as I write this sitting poolside, drinking a Tiger beer, and watching my children swim themselves silly I’m not sorry at all that we ended up here. It also helps thatContinue reading “The First Two Weeks”

What Should I Not Forget to Do Before Leaving for Singapore?

We have had to overcome our first hiccup. Turns out all four of us were supposed to have medical clearance before entering the country to include a tuberculosis (TB) test and bloodwork. I suspect that everyone was so focused on the Covid aspect of entering the country that the medical clearance was simply overlooked. InContinue reading “What Should I Not Forget to Do Before Leaving for Singapore?”


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Who Are the Traveling Tepaskes?
In Chile, 2017. Our last big adventure.

We are a family of four embarking on the experience of a lifetime. Join us as we prepare to move and learn to assimilate into a different culture.

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