A Guide to Living in Southeast Asia

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What to Expect When Visiting Singapore

Mind you, this is by no means an extensive list. Also, due to our location and living in a rather high-end part of town, my life in Singapore is quite skewed. But, for the most part, these are some of the things you can expect upon a visit to Singapore: 1. If there is an…

A Visit to Phra Nang Cave

I recently went on a fabulous girl’s weekend to Krabi, Thailand. Before you ask, no, I don’t know whose life I am living. No, I do not want to give this up. Yes, I could stay here forever. Krabi is home to the Phra Nang Princess Cave which is a must-see if you are planning…

Parenting Singaporean Style

What I’m about to say, please don’t take as a blanket statement for all Singaporeans. Just like Americans don’t want to all be labeled as gun-toting child killers, I’m sure Singaporeans don’t all want to be labeled as blasé parents. But recently, a real-life Singaporean (I point this out only to say these were his…

Owning a Pet in Singapore

Have I mentioned that Singapore is a country full of rules and regulations? And have I also mentioned that making heads or tails (no pun intended for this particular animal post) can be exasperating? In case I haven’t, the answer to both questions is, “it is.” Owning a pet in Singapore is full of rules…


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Who Are the Traveling Tepaskes?

We are a family of four embarking on the experience of a lifetime. Join us as we move to the other side of the world and learn to assimilate into a different culture.

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